The “League File” is merely a backup of the league by the league commissioner.  The commissioner’s league is the one used to create all of the pregame files and the league stats.  The commissioner shares the league with the other league members by backing up the league in the League Manager program and making the backup file available to all league members.


You are not required to install the league in your League Manager program.  You can play all of your games just fine without it.  However, having the league installed in your League Manager program enhances your experience.  You have immediate access to your team’s stats.  You are also able to see the depth charts of the other teams in your league which aids in scouting your opponents.  You are also able to create a COACH file and send the file to the commissioner.  A COACH file contains all of your depth chart assignments as well as your game settings and computer managers (optional).


The commissioner will make available a new League File at the end of each quarter.  When you have imported your league into the League Manager program, you will have access to many reports not included in the stats, including some that offer an in-depth analysis of each coach’s offensive tendencies.  You also have access to the league’s database, so you can create your own reports, using the native Report Writer in the League Manager program, to provide details not otherwise available in the regular reports and regular stats.




            1.  Go to the OCFL website and find the link to your league’s League File.  All links are located on the left-hand side of the screen and are organized by league.


            2.  Click on the link and select SAVE.


            3.  You can save the League File anywhere on your computer but I recommend the Strat-O-Matic Football folder.  This is the default folder that the League Manager program uses when creating and accessing backup files.  Remember, the League File is a backup of the league made on the commissioner’s computer.




            1.  Start the League Manager program.


            2.  Click on LEAGUE, and then click on RESTORE LEAGUE.


            3.  Find the league file, select it by clicking on it, and then click on OPEN.  The league will be installed (restored) on your computer.  If you don’t have access to the season or seasons used in the league, you will be prompted to enter the product code for the season or seasons.